LiveDesk is a Web-based Live Chat Software to provide 24X7 customer support through a website.
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Unlimited Agents

LiveDesk shipped with unlimited agent creation facilities as well as any number of agents can be online at a time. Same facilities are applicable for Managers and Supervisors.

Unlimited Departments

Departments are necessary for a large enterprise especially when they want to get categorized queries for a specific department which handled by specific agents only.

Unlimited Channels

Single Agent can have multiple channels and this can be limited from Admin/Manager/Supervisor also LiveDesk allows an unlimited number of concurrent chats.


Multichannel web chat system
Queue management system
Customer limit per agent
Canned response
Automated chat routing based on skill
Predefined templates
Business hour and holiday customization
Role-based and group-based user management
Disposition for each chat
360 degree report generation
Promo code, Invitation code for Bonus Credits
Chat performance, agent performance and KPI
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