Symlex Dialer

Symlex Mobile dialer is used to make VoIP calls. It comes with a built-in encryption technology which is able to work behind a firewall and NAT. Latest repacketization technology made Symlex Dialer work on low bandwidth networks.
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Symlex Dialer (Softphone) is a Multivendor VoIP client app available on Android, iOS. Each Vendor can display their Brand Name on the Dialer.


Service providers use Symlex Dialer with their own switch and billing. Each service provider has an Operator Code to identify configuration.


Built-in encryption technology made Symlex Dialer highly secured. And repacketization system reduces bandwidth consumption significantly.


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Multivendor Softphone with Custom Brand Name and Website.
G729, G711, iLBC, GSM and Speex Codec Available
Fully Dynamic and Configurable with any Softswitches
Work Perfectly with All Standard Switches
From 25 cc to 5000 cc package available
Works Behind Nat, Firewall, and Blockages
UAE, Oman, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait and All other Countries
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