Symlex Billing

Symlex Billing is a Soft Switch Billing Software which has all class 4 and class 5 billing features included. Nice UI and sophisticated UX gives Symlex Billing user's a comfortable user experience. It has a lot of modern telecom features available and we are continuously working on this product to make it better day by day.
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Symlex Billing has multilevel reseller and agent system which makes the billing more business oriented and robust. All are extremely configurable.


In the same billing Retail and Wholesale business run smoothly and VSP's can offer attractive business models to their Resellers, Agents, and End Users.


Symlex Billing has 4 layer security which made it more secure than ever. Linux Server, Admin, Resellers and End Users all are under a protected shield.


Multilevel Resellers and Agents with unlimited numbers.
Retail & Wholesale Billing in the same billing included.
Active Calls Monitoring System with individual dialer calls.
Hourly ACD and ASR available for daily and custom date range.
Success calls and Failed Calls details with Internal Errors too.
Batch PIN Generation for Admin and Resellers with Rate Plans.
Recharge Card Generation with a validity period and Rate Plans.
Multiple Gateway, Lossless billing, Profit-Loss calculation.
Unlimited Rate Plan for Admin and Resellers.
Pulse, various Billing Plan, Promo Code, and Lottery etc
Error-free accounting system for Admin, Resellers, and Agents.
Multi-layer security system, 2 Step verification login system.
Built-in Firewall, unwanted access prevention, Number Barring.
OTT features such as Auto Signup, Topup, Balance transfer, bonus
Online credit purchase option using Paypal and Cards
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